We4IT docLinkr bundle deal

Order now and get 5 licences for free with every 25 licences purchased!

Here’s how it works:

Complete the form by showing how many licences you’d like to order, send us a fax on +49 (0) 421 / 989 73 01 and save 20% on the standard licence price.

You order*
You receive
Standard price
(Licence cost incl. 12 Mon. MTN)
25 30 1,350.00 €
50 60 2,700.00 €
75 90 3,825.00 €
100 120 5,100.00 €
200 240 9,600.00 €

*Naturally, this deal also applies to orders of over 200 licences. Just send us an email via our contact form or give us a call to place your order.

As soon as we get your fax we will process your order and deliver your licences to you.

Order now

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