What’s New with IBM Notes Traveler and IBM Mobile Connect? Take a look at Traveler 9 and the upcoming Mobile Data Protection Features

Ein Abstract zur “Connect/Lotusphere 2013 Comes To You” in Hamburg


This Session will review the features delivered in Traveler & Mobile Connect releases of 2012, like High Availability, Single URL and ToDo support.

In addition, we’ll focus on what IBM plans to deliver with IBM Notes Traveler 9 with new security features, new devices and new plattforms. Take a first look at the Traveler roadmap. We will show you the increased attachment handling and data leakage prevention features which are part of the roadmap for 2013 and beyond.

If you are running Traveler already or you plan to us Blackberry 10, don’t miss this session.

Referent: Detlef Pötgen – CEO/midpoints

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